Wageningen University & Research handles personal data carefully, reliably and transparently. We consider integrity to be self-evident. We protect the personal data of our staff members, students and relations.

Privacy and Personal Data

At WUR we collect and process personal data, which we treat carefully, in accordance with the strict conditions stipulated by the European privacy act, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The policy document processing personal data Wageningen University & Research describes what the content of the GDPR means for WUR, the frameworks that we use at WUR, the roles and responsibilities we have and how we should safely and consciously handle private data. The Regulation on the protection of personal data describes how the tasks, responsibilities and procedures relating to the processing of personal data for education, research and administration are applied. The Regulation on Camera Surveillance explains how we work with camera surveillance and which rules and procedures apply to the registration and processing of the images in relation to safety and privacy.

Rights of persons whose personal data are stored by Wageningen University & Research (WUR)

You have the right to request WUR to inspect your personal data and/or to improve, modify, or transfer them as well as the right to object to the processing of personal data.

As stated in the Regulation for the protection of personal data, WUR has overviews for employees on the payroll, employees not on the payroll, students, and relations that provide you with insight into WUR’s use of personal data, the nature of this personal data and to whom this data is supplied.

If you want to exercise your rights as a data subject, below is a list of available forms with which you can submit a request regarding your personal data. Your request will remain in WUR’s archive for a period of one year.

Because we want to safeguard their privacy but also the privacy of others, data subjects living or working in The Netherlands must identify themselves in person at the GDPR Desk of Wageningen University & Research when submitting a form. As an exception, data subjects living or working outside of The Netherlands can send their form by post to Wageningen University & Research. You will find the address on the form. Your identity will be checked via Live HD video call.

Forms concerning the rights of involved persons: