Student Council

Student Council

The Student Council (SC) is one of the central participatory bodies of Wageningen University. It consists of 12 students that represent the interests of students. The members of the Student Council are elected every year in spring, and dedicate a full-time year to the Council.

Authority of the Council

According to the Higher Education and Research Act the Student Council has four major rights:

  1. The right of approval – the Executive Board requires the prior approval of the Council for every decision to be taken by the Executive Board concerning the establishment or amendment of policy and regulations specified in the Higher Education and Research Act;
  2. The advisory right – the Executive Board requires the prior advice of the Council on every decision to be taken by the Executive Board concerning matters specified in the Higher Education and Research Act;
  3. The right of initiative – the Council is authorised to make proposals to the Executive Board concerning all matters involving Wageningen University and to make its opinions on such matters known;
  4. The right of information – the Council can request information that it needs within reason to fulfill its task.

Mode of operation

Six times a year the Student Council meets with the Executive Board to discuss topics (consultation meeting). To prepare for each consultation meeting with the Executive Board, the Student Council has two internal meetings. The Student Council has different committees that prepare the topics by having technical meetings with staff members. Thereupon the entire Student Council discusses the findings of the committee, in order to come to a standpoint or decision.

The Student Council meets regularly with students, study associations and student associations of the university. The Council asks them for input regarding specific topics and takes up general concerns.

The twelve students who form the Student Council represent the interests of students. The Student Council is an important partner in policy formation for the Executive Board. Involvement of students in the decision-making process regarding important topics helps to generate broader support. If you have topics that you would like to bring to our attention, please contact the Student Council.

Parties: CSF, S&I and VeSte

The Student Council members can either be independent members, or members of a party. Currently, there are three parties in the Student Council; CSF, S&I and VeSte. Check the party website or Facebook page for more information about these parties and their focus points, plans and ideas.

Focus points and spearheads 2023/2024

This year the Student Council aims to focus on the following three spearheads:

Wageningen Full Experience

  • Visibility of extracurriculars, for students
    • Board years; Participatory councils
  • Integration
  • Preserve student life


  • Studying without limitations
  • Social safety
  • Physical safety


  • Robust educational support facilities
  • Sustainable options for academic activities
  • Accessible academic infrastructure for students

Student Council Elections

Elections are held every year in spring. The students running for a seat in the Student Council will be campaigning throughout the Campus during the election week, informing students about their plans and ideas so that those entitled to vote can cast a well-considered vote.

Voting is done online and every student of Wageningen University that is entitled to vote, will receive an email. The voting itself takes about two minutes. Check the Student Council election SharePoint Site for more information.


Being a Student Council member, you have the possibility to develop yourself on a personal, business and political level, and to develop competencies and skills which you do not necessarily develop during your study. Contact the Student Council for more information.