Mindlab Theatre performance for employees

WUR wants to be an organisation where students, employees and guests feel at home; a place where everyone can achieve fantastic results in a safe and inspiring environment. As the starting point of the WUR 'Looking out for each other – a program on social safety- we are organizing the Mindlab theater performance between November 28 and Decemver 13, 2022 for both WU and WR employees and PhDs. Mindlab has been developed by TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk, takes place within an environment where academic research is central and is partly based on interviews with employees from the University of Twente and Utrecht University. The performance will be in Dutch, with live English ‘surtitles’.

The performance is based on real-life situations and will make you think. It is about the dynamics of the world of scientific research that are present at WR and WU: leadership, social safety, integrity, and the balance between education and research. These are important themes that we want to continue to discuss in the years to come. The objective is to initiate a change in which we create a safe and inspiring environment together.

Read more about Mindlab and watch a trailer for the performance.

Comments about the performance

The theatre performance premiered at the start of 2020 and was successfully performed at the universities of Utrecht, Twente, and Eindhoven. If you are interested in hearing what the audience had to say about the performance, then watch this video for the reactions from University of Twente employees or this video for reactions from employees at Utrecht University. The audience response ranged from "impressive" and "it really makes you think and start discussions with people" to "very familiar" and "moving". "Mindlab clearly illustrates that social safety and (scientific) integrity are essential for conducting high-quality research and education."


In the period from 28 November to 13 December, eighteen theatre performances will be organised at Omnia for employees and PhD's of WUR. It includes follow-up discussions in the Mindlab Foyer. A number of performance dates have been selected for each sciences group, but you are free to register for other dates or for one of the open performances. The performance will be in Dutch and will be subtitled in English.

About Mindlab

Mindlab is a theatre performance that touches the heart of science, about truth, values, and authenticity within a scientific environment/ the institution of ‘the university’.

It is a science fiction thriller that could happen to any of us if we are brave enough to experience our own truth and impact of our actions in full transparency. When cognitive dissonance reduction has left our minds... Veni, Vidi, Vici?
"You’re not who you think you are. You are what you do"

TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk and Partners

The Mindlab theatre performance was developed by TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk, the University of Twente, and Utrecht University with support from the Association of Universities in the Netherlands through the ‘Sociaal Fonds voor de Kennissector’ (social fund for the knowledge sector) (SoFoKleS). Mindlab is partly based on interviews with staff members from both universities.

TheaterMakers Radio Kootwijk and partners

Theater Makers radio kootwijk
Utretch University
University of twente