Sustainability at Wageningen University & Research

Sustainability is in our DNA. For WUR, this means a balance between humans, the environment and the economy, so our human needs fit the boundaries of our planet.

For 105 years, WUR has worked on solving problems and shaping a sustainable future. This is not just a firmly established theme in our research and education, but it is also a common thread in the way WUR is governed. We take an interdisciplinary, science-based approach to solve major global challenges defined in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Our strategic plan is an invitation to do this together, both within a national and local scope. Through close cooperation with partners, students, graduates and civilians, we find scientifically substantiated and socially inclusive answers.

The most sustainable university in the world 

For years, we have held the title of ‘Most Sustainable University in the World’ (The GreenMetric ranking 2016-2023), and that is something we are proud of. As part of this list, scientific institutions all over the world are ranked based on matters like energy use, climate, waste, transportation, water, biodiversity and infrastructure. Sustainability in education and research is likewise assessed. In 2023, WUR joined the Nature-Positive Universities Alliance.

Sustainable campus

Whoever traverses our magnificent campus cannot help but notice: our campus is similarly ecological and green, with sustainable buildings and facilities. On top of that, it is a pleasant place to work and study. We prioritise the vitality of employees and students, and we carefully consider the healthiness of the food on offer in the campus restaurants. We avoid food waste where we can. 

Sustainability in our research and education

Our research and education is subdivided into six sustainable themes: Biodiversity, Climate Change, Circular & Biobased Economy, Feeding The World and Nutrition & Health. The sixth theme, Artificial Intelligence, is a common thread that runs through all these themes.

Discover our stories

At WUR, we work on sustainable solutions every day. This way, we make sure human activity stays within the boundaries of our planet, now and in the future. Through news and background stories, we keep you up to date on all important developments.