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Hackathon @WUR Bleiswijk

Comparable to the first and second edition of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, a selection process (24-hours Hackathon, physical gathering @WUR Bleiswijk, if possible) will be organized. The aim of the 24-hours Hackathon event is to select up to 5 teams for the real Greenhouse Growing Experiment. Other aims are, to connect participants form AI and horticulture and different cultural backgrounds, to exchange knowledge and stimulate interaction. AI skills will be tested by producing a greenhouse lettuce crop virtually.

Preselection of teams

During the Hackathon teams will be scored based on pre-defined criteria (e.g. goal could be maximum net profit). Next to that, teams will have to present themselves and pitch their AI approach in front of an international jury. The jury will consist of international experts well-known in horticulture and AI. Teams will have to develop their own AI to fulfil the goal of the Hackathon and for evaluation by the jury. The 5 teams with the highest scores will win access to the Greenhouse Growing Experiment.