Compare the bachelor's Food Technology

The Food Technology Bachelor's programme at Wageningen University & Research focuses on the processing of raw materials into high-quality consumer products. It is a study programme that combines scientific knowledge with practical applications in the food industry.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

Wageningen University & Research offers two degree programmes related to Food Technology, specifically Nutrition & Health and Biotechnology.

BSc Nutrition and Health (Dutch)

In our BSc Nutrition and Health programme, the spotlight is on human beings, emphasising the intricate relationship between food and our well-being. While Food Technology delves into the realm of food products, Nutrition and Health takes a closer look at their impact on our bodies. Though the courses differ significantly, students in both programmes acquire a basic understanding of the complementary field.

At the Master's level, collaboration between the two programmes excels in the Sensory Science specialisation, investigating the fascinating perception of scent, color, and flavor from both product and human perspectives. Additionally, both programmes offer the Food Digestion specialisation, where your knowledge of food digestion will shape the creation of products with desirable properties and functions.

BSc Biotechnology (Dutch)

For those pursuing the BSc Biotechnology programme, expect a slightly broader overlap with Food Technology. While both programmes focus on product development, Biotechnology expands into diverse applications, including medicine. The foundational courses align, and there's convergence in microbiology, physics, and chemistry. Furthermore, unlike the previous scenario, direct transition to a different Master's programme is possible without a specialised minor. Both Master's programs also present a captivating specialisation in Food Biotechnology, encompassing similar courses.

Compare the programme with other universities

There a no comparable programmes at universitly level in the Netherlands, making this programme unique among Dutch universities. At the HBO level, Food Technology programs are offered at three universities of applied sciences: Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences,

  • Hogeschool van Hall Larenstein,
  • HAS University of Applied Sciences,
  • InHolland University of Applied Sciences.

These programmes primarily concentrate on the production process. In contrast, the Bachelor's in Food Technology at Wageningen University & Research places a stronger emphasis on disciplines such as chemistry, bioprocess engineering, physics, and microbiology of food. It delves into intriguing questions like "What causes browning in bread, meat, or apples?" Students work with products, particularly in the domains of development and research.

Upon completion of the Food Technology Bachelor's programme, students are directly admissible for the Master programmes Food Technology, Food Safety and Food Quality Management. Student with HBO degree may under certain circumstance also be (directly) admissible. Find more information on the
admission requirements page.