Connecting master's - BSc Food Technology

Academic bachelor’s programmes actually serve as preparation for additional, relevant master’s programmes. Very few BSc graduates go looking for a job straight away, and the job market is not (or not yet) structured to accommodate graduates from academic bachelor’s programmes.

Connecting master's

Wageningen University & Research grants Food Technology graduates direct admission to the following master’s programmes:

Alternative master's

If you would like to continue on to a different master’s programme at Wageningen, you will need to take this into account during your second and third year by choosing electives and writing your thesis on a subject that will create a smoother transition to the MSc programme. With effective planning and barring any study delays, this is possible for the following programmes:

Study elsewhere

The Wageningen bachelor's in Food Technology is a very well-respected programme throughout Europe. Enrolling in a (relevant) master’s programme at another university is usually no problem, as it is recognised all over the world.