Courses Bachelor Tourism

The programme comprises a combination of different types of courses. Firstly, there are disciplinary-based courses from sociology, economics, geography and environmental studies. Secondly, there are domain-specific and interdisciplinary courses with linkages to tourism. And thirdly, you will attend courses devoted to the development of research and other academic skills. Most courses are co-taught by instructors from both Breda University of Applied Sciences and Wageningen University.

Year 1 (Breda)

Semester 1: First acquaintance with key-disciplines and domain
Course credits
Society, history & globalisation 6
Tourism economics 6
Tourism & environment 6
Tourism, principles & practice 6
Research methods 6
Semester 2: Multi-disciplinary exploration of domain
Course credits
Sociology & tourism 6
Consumer behaviour & marketing management 6
Tourism geography 6
National field project 6
Statistics & mathematics 6

Year 2 (Breda)

Semester 3: Tourism business, policy and governance
Course credits
Tourism, development & planning 6
Policy, governance & law 6
Organisational behaviour & business management 6
Philosophy of science and ethics in tourism 6
Research methods 6
Semester 4: Synthesis
Course credits
Cross-cultural studies 6
Tourism systems analysis 6
Tourism destination management 6
International field practicum 12

Year 3 (Wageningen)

Semester 5: Elective component
Course credits
Minor 30

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Semester 6: Critical reflection and new approaches
Course credits
Designing innovative governance arrangements 6
Sustainability & technology development 6
Bachelor thesis 18

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