Toelating met een ander soort diploma

Hbo propedeuse or hbo diploma

Hbo propedeuse or hbo diploma

If you have completed your hbo propedeuse or hbo diploma, it is possible to be admitted to the Bachelor’s degree programmes at Wageningen University, provided that you have completed certain courses at VWO level 6 (pre-university level) and that you meet the English and if applicable Dutch language requirements.

The accepted pre-university certificates can be found here.

The courses required at pre-university level for each Bachelor’s degree programme, which must be completed in addition to your HBO propedeuse, are shown in the table below.

If you think you qualify for an exemption from a VWO pre-university certificate based on courses in your HBO propaedeutic year, please contact the Bachelor’s Admissions Committee at after your application.

HBO propedeuse
Bachelor Required subjects at pre-university level
Agrotechnologie Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Physics
Animal Sciences** Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Biology
Bedrijfs- en Consumentenwetenschappen Mathematics A/B
Biology Mathematics A/B + Biology + Physics + Chemistry
Biotechnologie Mathematics B + Chemistry + Physics/Biology
Bos- en Natuurbeheer Mathematics A/B + Geography/Biology
Communicatie en Life Sciences Mathematics A/B/C
Economie en Beleid Mathematics A/B
Environmental Sciences** Mathematics A/B + Physics + Chemistry
Food Technology** Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Biology/Physics
Gezondheid en Maatschappij Mathematics A/B
International Land and Water Management** Mathematics A/B + Physics
Internationale Ontwikkelingsstudies Mathematics A/B
Landschapsarchitectuur en Ruimtelijke Planning Mathematics A/B + Geography/Biology
Marine Sciences** Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Biology
Moleculaire Levenswetenschappen Mathematics B + Chemistry + Physics/Nature, Life and Technology
Plantenwetenschappen Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Physics/Biology
Soil, Water, Atmosphere** Mathematics A/B + Physics + Chemistry
Tourism** Mathematics A/B/C
Voeding en Gezondheid Mathematics A/B + Chemistry + Physics/Biology

** The language of instruction of the bachelor’s Animal Sciences, Environmental Sciences, Food Technology, International Land and Water Management, Marine Sciences, Soil Water Atmosphere and Tourism is English. All other bachelor’s are taught in Dutch.