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Student for a Day - Bachelor's

Would you like to know more about a particular bachelor’s programme? Wageningen University & Research offers the possibility to be a student for a day. Experience what it is like to study at Wageningen!

Together with other future students, you follow lectures and practicals which shows you the details of your favorite study programme. You will learn more about the different courses, experiences of students about the programme and studying in general. You get to know everything about student life, the most remarkable spots, information about housing or typical Dutch habits.

Below you will find an overview of the upcoming group programmes for the bachelor's programmes. Do you see an old date? In that case, there is no new date available yet. We will update these dates as soon as possible.

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Student for a day will be organised on campus if the restrictions allows to. Otherwise it becomes an online experience.

Looking for the group programme of other bachelor's programmes? You can find these on the Dutch Student for a day page, as these activities will be organised in Dutch.