Executive Education

Wageningen University & Research offers Executive Education. The programmes focus specifically on the Food & Agribusiness context. They have been designed according to the latest educational trends and insights to ensure an optimal learning experience. View the courses below.

Executive Education is the right educational format if you are a professional who:

  • Holds a management position or higher
  • Is out to challenge yourself to improve both your soft and hard skills and to develop yourself
  • Is looking to network with WUR experts, experts from the field and other relevant players

Discover alle Executive Education:

Executive Education at Wageningen University & Research

Transformational learning experience

Executive Education programmes are developed to stimulate professional and personal growth. Follow a programme and get the tools, information and techniques to become an outstanding leader. Command with style and forefront management thinking.

Participating is also about getting to know your peers, building a global network and exchanging ideas. Just as much as it is a way to get a better grasp on current and future challenges in the food and agribusiness.

With the right approach complex problems can be solved

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