Wageningen University & Research offers many types of online education. From online courses to complete online master's programmes: find the education that suits your interests, goals and schedule!

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Online Education at Wageningen University & Research

Anytime, anywhere

You can follow online courses from wherever you are, whenever you want to. The only requirement is that you need a working internet connection. You are very flexible, which means that you can combine studying with your professional career.

You are not alone

Although studying online might seem very lonely, this is not the case. You are part of an online learning community with people of all ages, from all over the world. On a virtual learning platform, you meet your fellow students through online group work, forum discussions or peer reviews. 

Advance your career

The flexibility of online learning provides you with the opportunity to give your career an extra boost. You can explore new subjects or deepen your knowledge in your field of expertise without going back to the university.

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