EngD Training and Education

In the first year of the EngD programme, the emphasis will be on the course component. The amount of time spent on the design assignment will increase over time.Training activities can be followed within Wageningen University & Research or at partner institutes.

EngD Training activities at Wageningen University & Research

Compulsory general and methodological courses

Compulsory competency/skills training courses

  • EngD introduction days (1-2 times per year)
  • Project and time management (2 times per year)
  • Philosophy and ethics in science and design where one can choose from the following:

    • Scientific integrity (6 times per year)
    • Ethics and Animal Sciences (3 times per year)
    • Ethics in Plant and Environmental Sciences (2 times per year)
    • Ethics for Social Sciences Research (2 times per year)
    • Philosophy and Ethics of Food Science and Technology (once per year)
  • Inter-transdisciplinary approaches

Free choice competency/skills training courses

Career development (3-5 ECTS min)

Free choice methodological courses (4 ECTS min)


Modelling and Programming


MSc courses offered by Wageningen University (All once per year)