Master's Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is a new scientific discipline with roots in computer science, statistics and molecular biology. It was developed to cope with the output of genome sequencing initiatives, that result in an ever-increasing amount of data available about DNA (public databases currently contain over 100 Gigabases of DNA), RNA and derived proteins. Bioinformaticians apply information technology to store, retrieve and manipulate these data and employ statistical methods capable of analysing large amounts of biological data to predict gene functions and to demonstrate the relationship between genes and proteins.

Master Bioinformatics

Why this programme?

    • Bioinformaticians apply computer science to synthesise large amounts of biological data to developing predictive models.
    • Focus on demonstrating the relationship between genes and proteins.
    • Combines computer science, modelling, statistics and molecular biology.

Study programme of Bioinformatics

On the Programme of Bioinformatics page you can find the general outline of the programme and more detailed information about courses, theses and internships. You can also read more about the Background of the programme.

Application and admission

Interested in taking part in the programme of Bioinformatics? Find out more about the specific Admission requirements and the application procedures. If you doubt whether admission is possible, feel welcome to apply online. The Admission Committee will check your admissibility. We will not check files submitted by email. For all scholarship information of Wageningen University and links to others, please see this site.

Student experiences

The best way to get to know a place is by getting to know the people. Students share their experiences with you about the master's programme and student life in Wageningen on the page Student experiences.

Processing enormous amounts of information is a great strength and only a few people have the skills to do it
Student Niels

Future career

What are your possibilities after graduating? Read more about Career perspectives and opportunities after finishing the programme.