Specialisation Environmental and Biobased Technology

Environmental and Biobased Technology focuses on biotechnological applications during degradation of waste and production of valuable products or energy from renewable resources.

You will take one year of courses, some compulsory and others optional. In the second year of the MSc you will perform two research projects: a major thesis at Wageningen University and a second research project or internship inside or outside Wageningen.


Compulsory courses:

BPE60312 Bioprocess Design
BCT32306 Advanced Biorefinery
ETE30306 Biological Processes for Resource Recovery

Optional Courses (might change for your generation):

Choose at least 6 credits from the following courses (RO-1)
BCT20306 Modelling Dynamic Systems
ETE21306 Water Treatment
FPE31306 Transfer Processes
MIB30806 Applied Molecular Microbiology
MAT32306 Systems and Control Theory
SSB20306 Bioinformation Technology

Choose at least 6 credits from the following courses (RO-2)
AFI31806 Aquaculture Production Systems
BCT33806 Conversions in Biobased Sciences
BPE35306 Microalgae Biotechnology
ETE35306 Environmental Electrochemical Engineering
FCH31306 Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery
ORC30306 Applied Biocatalysis
ORL32806 Sustainability Analysis

Click on the courses or look up MSc Biotechnology in the course catalogue of Wageningen University for more detailed information about the programme.

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