Specialisation Medical Biotechnology

Medical Biotechnology focuses on the use of modern biotechnology in the development and production of new vaccines, medicines and diagnostics. You will mainly concentrate on the development and optimalisation of biotechnological methods to develop or produce a vaccine or drug, which greatly differs from the usual approach in veterinary or medical science.

On the one hand, you study processes which are relevant in diagnosing diseases and processes that give rise to diseases. On the other hand, the production process of a vaccine or drug itself will be studied.

You will take one year of courses, some compulsory and others optional. In the second year of the MSc you will perform two research projects: a major thesis at Wageningen University and a second research project or internship inside or outside Wageningen.

Due to extended cooperations we also offer the possibility to perform the second year at the Medical Faculty of Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


Compulsory courses:

BPE60312 Bioprocess Design
CBI30806 Immunotechnology
VIR30306 Molecular Virology

Choose at least one of these 2 courses:

BPE34806 Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
HNH27806 General Medicine

Optional Courses (might change for your generation):

ABG30306 Genomics
BPE33803 Animal Cell Biotechnology
BPE34306 Metabolic Engineering
BPE35803 Marine Biotechnology
HAP31806 Molecular Regulation of Health and Disease
HNH23306 Pharmacology and Nutrition
HNH34806 Applied Nutrigenomics
MIB30303 Research Methods Microbiology
MIB30806 Applied Molecular Microbiology
MIB32303 Human Microbiome
MOB30306 Control of Cellular Processes and Differentiation
MOB31303 Molecular Development
SSB20306 Bioinformation Technology

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