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Adaption and mitigation to global warming, the greenhouse effect and climate change all form the basis of this this two-year master's Climate Studies programme in Wageningen. This master's programme is specifically targeted at students who wish to focus on the scientific insights into climate change and on the social and economic implications of climate change in the broadest sense.

Program content

As a student you will gain a broad overview of climate change related issues by following two compulsory courses, specialisation courses, and courses that you may choose freely. But you will also become an expert in a topic of your choice by choosing one of the eleven thesis tracks and by working on your thesis topic. For your thesis research you will participate in climate change related research projects offered by one or two of the following chair groups:

•  Hydrology and Quantitative Water Management Group

•  Meteorology and Air Quality Group

•  Centre for Crop Systems Analysis

•  Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation Group

•  Soil Biology Group

•  Soil Chemistry and Chemical Soil Quality Group

•  Environmental Systems Analysis Group

•  Water Systems and Global Change Group

•  Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group

•  Environmental Policy Group

All of these groups are highly ranked by international research evaluation standards and are recognized as excellent research groups within the international climate change research community. Cooperative work with other chair groups is also possible.


Students are expected to acquire basic knowledge about the functioning of the Earth system, of economic and policy aspects of climate change, and their interactions, and advanced knowledge in the selected specialisation, yet have solid state-of-the-art scientific knowledge in at least one discipline. Moreover, students are expected to be able to design, execute, critically reflect on, and communicate academic climate change research, and operate effectively in multi-, inter-, or  transdisciplinary projects in an intercultural setting.

Personal program

This MSc offers a large degree of freedom in order to design a personal programme that fits your interest, your career planning and your previous education. Students with a BSc in natural or social sciences are invited to apply. This is in itself already a unique feature of the MSc Climate Studies. The study adviser will guide you throughout your master study.

Research quality

Evidently, research quality is of major concern for the thesis-oriented MSc programme Climate Studies. Wageningen University is a specialised university that is internationally leading in its field of specialisation. The productivity, impact and excellence of its research give Wageningen University an excellent position in the field of "Agriculture and Environment Sciences". This is reflected in the Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities (HEEACT), also known as NTU ranking. Since the introduction of this field-based bibliometric ranking in 2008, Wageningen University has consistently been leading all European universities. The latest ranking again shows Wageningen University being on the same level as the best American universities.