Compare the master's Development and Rural Innovation

The master's Development and Rural Innovation is a unique social sciences study programme that welcomes students with a bachelor's degree in the technical sciences, life sciences or relevant management sciences.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

The master's International Development Studies is also a social sciences MSc programme with a focus on development issues, but you need a bachelor's degree in social sciences to be able to be admitted to that master's programme.

Compare the programme with other universities

The master's Science and Innovation Management (Utrecht University) focuses on the application of life sciences and technology in societal processes. The focus is on the innovation process. The master's Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University covers these innovation processes but follows a broader approach, helping you to understand a diverse set of societal transformation processes from an innovation perspective and sociology of (rural) development perspective.

The master Advisory and Innovation Services in Agri-Food Systems (University of Hohenheim – Germany) focuses on sustainability in agri-food systems through professional advisory and innovation support. The master’s Development and Rural Innovation at Wageningen University includes agri-food systems in its programme amongst other systems, focusing on various kinds of transformation processes and global challenges.

The programmes Development Studies (Utrecht University), Globalisation and Development Studies (Maastricht University), International Development Studies (University of Amsterdam) and Anthropology and Development Studies (Radboud University Nijmegen) focus on developing countries just like Wageningen’s master's Development and Rural Innovation does. The difference is not so much in the content but in the admission requirements of the studies.

The master's Development and Rural Innovation is unique because it is the only study programme in this domain that you can apply to with a bachelor's in a technical or a life science. This strengthens the interdisciplinary approach of this programme.