Thesis and internship

In the second year, you work on a 24 week research project, culminating in your thesis. In the other 16 weeks of year two, you work on an academic internship at an institute outside Wageningen University.

Your thesis

Wide choice of thesis topics

During the 24 week research period, you work under the supervision of a staff member of one of the participating Chairgroups in the Forest and Nature Conservation programme. In some cases, you may also work on your thesis at another institute or company. Together with your studyadvisor and thesis supervisor, you agree your topic of your research, choosing from a range of subjects offered by one of the Chairgroups or an external institute. In some cases you may 'create' a subject related to your own field of interest.

You conclude your research project with a written thesis, which is graded by your supervisor and an independent staff member. You are also required to present your results during a seminar, the colloquium.

For thesis topics, take a look at our database or the website of the Chairgroup. You can look for a subject by choosing the relevant Chairgroup (FNP, FEM, PEN or WEC).

Chair groups

If you have selected the specialisation 'Policy' choose:

For the specialisation 'Management' you can choose between:

For the specialisation 'Ecology' you can choose between:

Your internship

The 16 week internship is a required element of the MFN programme. At the start of your second year, you work at an institute outside Wageningen University, or even abroad. This internship is a unique learning opportunity where you can apply your academic skills in a realistic professional setting. It helps you discover your specific area of interest area and helps you decide the direction of the remainder of your studies; you grow as you gain relevant work experience.

What can I do on my internship?

Defining and securing your internship is primarily your own responsibility. However, the graduate internship coordinator can help you find a position and check that the work experience is relevant to your own study programme. Your internship is evaluated by both your field supervisor and your university supervisor. You can find a selection of current internships on the websites of the four main Chair Groups that contribute to the MSc Forest and Nature Conservation. Other links:

Do you qualify for an internship exemption?

You may qualify for an exemption for the internship if you have 3 years relevant work experience or 5 years of general work experience gained after completing your BSc degree. You can talk about this option with your study advisor. The examining board will judge requests for exemptions.