Sustainable Land Management specialisation

This specialisation focuses on the processes, drivers and consequences of land degradation, as well as on interventions and conservation practices for sustainable land management. You will learn to explore, design, test and evaluate promising innovative practices and strategies for sustainable land management. The goal is to prevent and remediate soil degradation problems worldwide. Often you will work in close collaboration with different (local) stakeholders. Important elements are upscaling and downscaling of these innovative practices and strategies.

Courses and Thesis

Learning Outcomes

You will gain in-depth knowledge and important skills by exploring both physical and socio-economic aspects of land management. This will prepare you for jobs in the field of research as well as policy making or consultancy in international development. Topics covered range from erosion processes and modelling to impact assessment and strategies, and from field scale to watershed and beyond.

After successful completion of the Sustainable Land Management specialisation, you are expected to be able to:

  • assess and analyse the processes, drivers and consequences of land degradation, and predict and evaluate the effects of interventions in a cross-disciplinary manner;
  • analyse and explain how physical and socio-economic aspects can be investigated in an integrated way and how this knowledge can be applied for development purposes.

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