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The two-year MSc programme Landscape Architecture and Planning has been designed to stimulate you to reach the top in the field of landscape architecture and spatial planning. You learn to understand and manage the complex relationships between people, nature and landscape. You combine your professional physical design and spatial planning skills with your ability to conduct research and to reflect extensively on the effects of your work. Key elements of this programme are both the creative process of making plans and designs on various spatial scales and with different time horizons, and the organisation of interactive and participatory decision making processes.
You will focus primarily on rural-urban landscapes, considered in their dynamic and global context of cultural, ecological, technological, economic and political transformation. In this way, the Wageningen MLP programme differs from similarly named Master’s programmes.

Why join this MSc programme?

You are prepared to do research independently and to reflect critically on the socio-political and environmental implications of your future profession, and the related spatial interventions in the real world and in people’s everyday lives. Your abilities are tested in the process of planning or design throughout the entire programme. You focus on some of the key challenges that determine and necessitate important landscape
transitions, for example:

- The effects of climate change
- The need for sustainable energy sources
- The demand for local food production within metropolitan areas
- The impacts of globalisation on spaces and places

The MLP programme includes two separate career tracks that enable you to approach these key challenges in different ways, depending on your personal ambitions. These career tracks are designed to help you succeed in your choice of professional career, as a designer, spatial planner, consultant, policy-maker and/or researcher.

When you decide to enrol in the MSc programme Landscape Architecture and Planning, you will have to choose one of the specialisations: Landscape Architecture or Spatial Planning.

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Unique in the world

You join a unique and world-leading programme, a result of the Netherlands’ history of forming and managing the needs of one of the world’s most densely populated areas in a hydrologically complex delta landscape. This is rooted in the strong Dutch planning and design tradition developed to find solutions for complex landscape challenges.

It is different to other Dutch MSc programmes in geography, planning, landscape architecture and urban development. In Wageningen, you learn to integrate knowledge from the social and natural sciences and to translate this knowledge into visionary ideas for landscape transformation. The programme enables you to look into spatial problems on a national, regional and local scale and to switch easily between these scales, adding value to your career development potential on the national and international labour market.