Compare the master's Plant Sciences

The master's Plant Sciences at Wageningen University focuses on all aspects of the plant production chain; from the development and multiplication of new plant varieties to the combating of diseases and the cultivation of crops. This study programme includes subjects like food provision, ornamental plant cultivation, the production of (pharmaceutical) raw materials, quality products, and biofuel of bulk goods. An interdisciplinary approach is central to this programme.

Besides the technological aspects, the programme also focuses on the environment, quality, healthcare and socio-economic aspects. You will profit from the cluster of a large amount of university research groups and research institutes in the field of plant sciences located at Wageningen University. This is one of the largest clusters in this domain in Europe.

The master's Plant Sciences combines research with the application of new knowledge and is perfectly suited for students with a bachelor degree in Biology or a bachelor from an agrarian institution of higher education.

Compare the programme in Wageningen

While the master's Organic Agriculture partly focuses on the plant production chain, it specialises in biological (agricultural) production and the marketing of biological products. This master's programme also places attention on animal production systems. Fair trade, socially responsible entrepreneurship and a holistic approach play an important role.

The master's Plant Biotechnology focuses specifically on the molecular aspects of plant segmentation and crop protection. These topics are also addressed within Plant Sciences, but there they are studied from a broader interdisciplinary perspective.

The master's Plant Breeding plays an important role in the development of plant varieties for food, feed and industrial uses.

Compare the programme with other universities

All the master's Biology study programmes given at Dutch universities offer a specialisation or trajectory that is in one or more ways related to the master's Plant Sciences at Wageningen University. The difference is that the master's Plant Sciences offers more courses and a broader choice of research possibilities at all levels of the plant production system (molecular, cellular, plant, crop, ecosystem).