5 reasons why MSc Tourism, Society and Environment is an international best practice

The NVAO rated the master's Tourism, Society and Environment as an excellent programme. Therefore this master's is an international best practice. Find out why and what that means for its students and graduates.

1. Rich and relevant study programme

The programme is designed with a strong social science base. It has direct links to the chair groups, opportunities to specialise, and a strong theoretical and practice-oriented research focus. This provides the students with a truly rich and relevant learning experience that stands with the best practice worldwide.

2. Connection between student and research

Right from the very start of the course the students are linked to the research environment. This results in relevant learning topics and makes it a small step to a career in research.

3. Graduate level career

A high proportion of the students of this programme advance to graduate level employment and further studies. This is related to the connection between the student and the research environment.

better prepared […] than most graduates from similar courses

4. Excellent teaching staff

The teaching staff has a high quality due to the experience, range of disciplines and international and cultural backgrounds. They provide a strong base for such a programme.

5. High quality final theses

Students of this programme produce outstandingly excellent quality thesis topics, methods, findings and presentations. They perform very well compared to other leading centres across the world.