MSc Internship / Research Practice

The compulsory academic internship consists of 16 weeks of work outside the university and it intends to give students a unique learning opportunity, allowing them to put many of the concepts and methods learned in the classroom into practice in a realistic professional setting.

Internship opportunities

The internship serves to help students focus their area of interest and course work for the remainder of their studies and provides the opportunity for personal growth through relevant work experience. The work done during the internship is at academic level. While securing an internship is primarily the responsibility of the student, the internship coordinator provides substantial aid in locating a position and in ensuring that the work experience is relevant and appropriate to the student's study.

The internship can take place at government agencies, NGOs, research institutes, private sector companies, consultancies or any other organisation that can provide and supervise an internship at the MSc level. Students may choose to do their internship in the Netherlands or anywhere else in the world. To receive credits for the internship the student must write an internship report, which will be evaluated by their field supervisor and their supervisor from within the university.

You can read more about internship experiences at student experiences.

MSc Research Practice

Even though it is highly advised to gain academic work experience through the internship, students with sufficient relevant work experience and PhD-aspirations may opt for the research practice, in consultation and agreement with the study advisor. The internship or research practice can be supervised by the following chair groups: Cultural Geography (GEO), Sociology of Development and Change (SDC) and Environmental Policy (ENP).