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Multidisciplinary field of expertise

The Nutrition & Health programme at Wageningen University has been running for over 50 years; it is considered to be one of the best and most innovative programmes in its field in Europe. Human nutrition is a multidisciplinary field of expertise. To solve problems in nutrition and health, you must consider chemical and biochemical characteristics, physiological and biomedical aspects, the social and behavioural context of nutrition, and the relationships between these factors. Solving problems in this domain requires multidisciplinary biomedical knowledge and skills as well as an interdisciplinary approach to communication with experts in human nutrition and other fields.

Cooperation with other disciplines

Moreover, close co-operation with other MSc-programmes in Wageningen, allow students to operate on the interface of Nutrition with other disciplines. Examples can be found in master's-theses supervised in collaboration between the divisions of Human Nutrition and Communication Sciences. Cooperation between the Laboratory of biochemistry and the molecular nutrition group is another example. Furthermore, the Alliance Nutrition is formed between the Human Nutrition department of Wageningen University and the hospital in Ede, "Gelderse Vallei". This alliance performs research in the field of clinical nutrition.


Research in Nutrition and Health in Wageningen covers all areas within the field. From advanced Nutrigenomics research (member of EU-network of excellence), to sociological considerations of Nutrition behaviour, Wageningen studies Nutrition & Health at the (sub)cellular, individual and population level. These fields of interest are represented by the different specialisations of the MSc.


Because the field of Nutrition and Health is a very broad field, students are required to choose one of the specialisations offered within the programme, the specialisations within Nutrition and Health are: