Language courses

What's your next language course going to be? Check it out!

Wageningen in'to Languages will teach you to effectively communicate in different languages and at various levels. Our courses distinguish themselves by their high pace, their thorough and functional approach, and their effectiveness. They’re more than simply learning words and grammar. We teach you to communicate!

With fellow students and a teacher who motivates you.
Efficient, easy and fun!

Our courses are taught at our location or online using the Virtual Classroom in Brightspace.

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Tailor-made courses

Would you like to learn a new language or master a new communication skill at your own pace and in your own environment, whenever it suits you best?

We will find a fitting solution for any question you may have or language you want to learn.

Do you have any language related questions that require a tailor-made solution? Maybe you're about to be in a situation where you have to be able to negotiate with international business partners? Or what about having to give an important presentation in a foreign language? We will create a tailor-made programme together. Get in touch if you want to learn a language on your own terms, a personalized program, adjusted fully to your needs and wishes!

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