You’ve come to the right place for text editing and related services. Our academically trained editors and copywriters are more than happy to help you write the perfect text, regardless of whether it needs to be written from scratch or whether it is an existing text that needs a little tweaking. We are also more than happy to find out exactly what you need on the basis of an interview. We’ll revise your text and clarify your message so that it’s highly readable for your target audience. This is what editing is all about no matter the language!

Text editing

Have you translated a text yourself but want to have it checked by a professional editor? Or have you written a text in another language that you want a native speaker to proofread? Our experienced editors will provide you with a revised version that is clear and effective. Our services range from checking for correct language use, to a rigorous academic final edit, to copy editing by a native speaker.

Text screening

You’ve worked hard on a document, but are you certain you’ve achieved your objective? We are happy to review it for effectiveness. We will ensure that your text is as compelling and informative as you intend.

If you wish to futher refine your writing skills, please contact our tailor-made department.

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