Wageningen University & Research rankings

Why Wageningen?

Wageningen University & Research offers 20 bachelor's programmes, 30+ master's and 3 online master's, which focus specifically on 'healthy food and living environment'.

Studying in Wageningen guarantees premium quality education and an international quality benchmark on your curriculum vitae. As a result, students have no problems finding internships, challenging work experience opportunities and career opportunities around the world.

Highly awarded university

  • Wageningen is Voted as number 1 university in the Netherlands eighteen years in a row
  • World's best in the field of Agriculture & Forestry according to the QS World University Rankings
  • The university is listed number 59 in the world by the Times Higher Education Ranking

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International university

Wageningen University & Research is the first Dutch university with an international accreditation (Accreditation Organisation of the Netherlands and Flanders). This thanks to the large population of international students from over 100 different countries.

Through partnerships with numerous Dutch and international companies and governments, Wageningen University & Research has become a major university in Europe and one of the best universities worldwide in the field of Life Sciences.

Wageningen University & Research Campus

The campus of Wageningen University & Research measures 70.000m2 and is home to students, teachers, researchers and staff from over 103 different countries. It is a centre where expertise and talent come together: research, education and business unite.

There are various places where you can meet fellow students for drinks, coffee or lunch. Such as student cafe 'The Spot', 'Grand Cafe' or the 'Restaurant of the Future'. Looking for a more active meet up? In 'Sports Centre de Bongerd' you can swim, play tennis, basketball or try one of the many other sports.

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Wageningen City

Wageningen is a small city with inhabitants from over 160 different countries and is centrally located in the Netherlands. The campus of Wageningen University & Research is within cycling distance.

The city is surrounded by nature and has historic and modern buildings, high-rise student flats, works of art and botanical gardens. Wageningen has a thriving cultural and social life. Students can visit theatres, cinemas, student clubs, bars, night life and restaurants. The nearby floodplains of the river Rhine and national park ‘de Veluwe’ are ideal for those who enjoy nature or like hiking, running or cycling.