L (Leonie) Bentsink L (Leonie) Bentsink

Personal Professor


I am intrigued by the potential of seeds to survive storage and to time germination to appropriate moments that allow successful establishment of the seedling. My research focusses on fundamental aspects of seed traits, like seed dormancy, seed longevity and germination, in relation to their ecological importance and application prospective for the industry.


Leo Willems (technician)

Kees Ketting (PhD student)

Patricija Gran (PhD student)

Annika Liefferink (PhD student)

Sasiwimon Siricharoen (PhD student)

Annabel van Driel (Postdoc)

Rens Holmer (Postdoc)

Nikita Sajeev (Postdoc)


The following PhD students from my group successfully defended their