MPM (Miranda) Meuwissen MPM (Miranda) Meuwissen

Personal Professor

Professor of risk management and resilience in agri-food supply chains

Coordinator 4TU-Redesign (REthinking the food system together; DESIGNing a high-tech and data-driven food system of the future), 2023/28

Academic director of BSc Honours program, 2021/22

IAMO, scientific advisory board, since 2019

Coordinator H2020 SURE-Farm: Towards sustainable and resilient EU farming systems, 2017/21,

Previous positions

Associate professor, Business Economics, Wageningen University, 2011/17

Assistant professor, Business Economics, Wageningen University, 2005/11

Senior researcher, Institute for Risk Management in Agriculture, 1999/2005

PhD, Insurance as a risk management tool for European Agriculture, 1995/2000

Selected publications

Meuwissen, M.P.M., Feindt, P.H., et al. (2021). Impact of Covid-19 on farming systems in Europe through the lens of resilience thinking. Agricultural Systems, 191, 103152,

Meuwissen, M.P.M., Feindt, P.H., Midmore, M., Wauters, E., Finger, R., Appel, A., Spiegel, A., Mathijs, E., Termeer, K.J.A.M., Balmann, A., de Mey, Y. and Reidsma, P. (2020). The struggle of farming systems in looking for explanations through the lens of resilience. Eurochoices 19(2), 4-11,

Meuwissen, M.P.M., Feindt, P. et al. (2019). A framework to assess the resilience of farming systems. Agricultural Systems 176, 102656.

Meuwissen, M.P.M., Bottema, M., Hong, L.H., Chamsai, S., Manjur, K., de Mey Y. (2019). The role of group-based contracts for risk-sharing; what are the opportunities to cover catastrophic risk? COSUST 41, 80-84,

Slijper, T., de Mey, Y., Poortvliet, P. M., Meuwissen, M. P. M. (2022). Quantifying the resilience of European farms using FADN. European Review of Agricultural Economics 49 (1): 121-150.