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Projects - prof. V (Vincenzo) Fogliano


Food healthiness is one of the main driver in the creation and marketing of new food products. Different strategies can be pursued to design healthy foods such as the adoption of new ingredients having potential health benefits or the implementation of production processes to optimize the formation of desired compounds and to reduce the formation of those potentially harmful. Also foods targeted at specific categories can be designed: children, pregnant women, elderly, sportsman, students population. Finally foods intended for the prevention of specific pathological conditions can be developed: foods for weight management, osteoporosis,  gut health, mental performance and so on.


To design healthy foods looking at the different point of the production chain from raw materials to consumer satisfaction.

To use formulation and processing strategies for the development of foods  tailored for different health benefits

Evaluate the possibility to introduce new ingredients having additional health functionality over those already claimed

To develop in vitro models for the systematic design of functional food for the benefit of gastrointestinal  tract

To control the development of Maillard Reaction minimizing the formation of potentially dangerous products and increasing the formation of desired