Tailor-made Dutch courses

Are you looking for a Dutch course that matches your specific needs? For instance, do you want to learn Dutch for business reasons? Or perhaps you want to work on a specific skill such as Dutch pronunciation? Our tailor-made courses take your specific learning needs into account. During an intake interview, our experienced and highly qualified trainers will help you map out where the emphasis should be placed. You will then receive a proposal for the content of the training and a cost overview.

In order to improve your Dutch in a particular (professional) area, we can completely adapt the following courses to your specific learning needs:

  • Academic Dutch for non-natives
  • Business Dutch for non-natives
  • Dutch in the social context
  • Intensive Protramme Dutch

And more....

Do you just want to improve a specific skill? We also offer courses that focus on Dutch oral and writing skills. This may include:

  • Writing a policy document
  • Pronunciation and vocabulary
  • Effective writing
  • Refresher course Dutch
  • Spead reading
  • Presentation skills

All Wageningen in'to Languages courses involve blended learning: in-person lessons from one of our professional trainers in combination with a supervised and tailor-made self-study programme offered through our online Learning Management System, Brightspace. This gives you the flexibility to plan the lessons that fit your schedule and study at a time that suits you best in terms of your work and private life.