Biobased Soft Materials

The Biobased Soft Materials team aims to understand the property-function relationship of biosourced molecules and complexes, and use them in soft materials for foods and medical applications. The self-assembly and equilibrium properties of the soft materials are investigated from a soft matter physics, chemistry, and biology perspective at multiple length scales, from molecular to macroscopic.

The typical analytical tools we are using in our research are atomic force, confocal, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, interfacial, and bulk rheology.

Main topics

  • Protein cages to carry therapeutics and diagnostics
  • Trafficking molecules with Lipid Droplets (Oleosomes)
  • Behavior of Lipid Droplets (oleosomes) on interfaces
  • Plant protein mixtures as emulsifiers
  • Jammed emulsions for 3-D printing
  • Design bio-inspired oil droplets resistant to lipid oxidation
  • Extraction of proteins and Lipid Droplets using their mobility under an electric field