The aim in this theme is to develop sustainable conversions routes and processes utilising renewable feedstocks. To achieve this aim a multi-disciplinary approach is used i.e. catalyst development, synthesis and process development that goes hand in hand with computational methods and multi-scale modelling underpins scientific understanding at every level.

Important and emerging chemistry and technology in the area of CO2 capture and conversion, as well as the use of electricity as an input to drive reactions using biobased molecules or to produce chemicals is also a major theme that has grown in the last year.

Main topics

  • Catalyst development for biobased feedstock conversion (heterogeneous, homogenous, bio)
  • Conversion of biobased feedstocks and synthesis of biobased chemicals
  • Use of non-noble metal catalyst to replace scarce noble metals in synthesis
  • Electrochemical/electrocatalytic conversion of larger (biobased) molecules
  • Integration of thermal catalysis with electro catalysis/chemistry
  • CO2 capture and conversion