Biomolecular Sciences

Life is equally wonderful and mind-blowing in its complexity. While living organisms can span many meters, life arises at the billion-fold smaller scale of nanometers, where the molecules of life are orchestrated their intricate and vital functions. Advanced interdisciplinary approaches at the intersection of biology, chemistry, and physics are essential to study life at multiple levels. At the Biomolecular Sciences Cluster, we are focused on increasing humankind’s fundamental understanding of the diverse processes of life and disseminate the necessary knowledge for a brighter and sustainable future.

Our themes

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Molecular principles of life

How is life organised on the level of individual molecules? How does biological function arise at the micro and nanoscale? At the Biomolecular Sciences cluster, we work with interdisciplinary teams to answer fundamental questions at the forefront of the molecular life science research.
Our central aim is to understand the fundamental molecular principles that govern life from molecules to microorganisms to humans and to apply that knowledge to improve human quality of life.

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Molecular principles of materials

Every day we use materials with highly engineered properties: nanoengineered implants, medical contrast agents and antifouling, antibacterial surfaces. Still many challenges remain, particularly at the interface with biology. The Biomolecular Sciences cluster draws inspiration from nature and aims for a fundamental understanding of how molecular and mesoscopic structures yield the desired macroscopic properties. We pioneer the design of cutting-edge materials and unique instruments to reveal molecular underpinnings of nature’s molecular building blocks.


Molecular solutions for societal challenges

Today’s challenges for humanity are diverse, ranging from environmental to medical problems with world-wide consequences. At WUR, we develop innovative solutions for clean chemical and biotech-based industries, an efficient yet sustainable and safe food production, all embedded in a circular economy. In this endeavor, the Biomolecular Sciences cluster acts as a spearhead that lays the knowledge foundation for a broad spectrum of green innovations. In addition, we are proud to educate not only today’s but also tomorrow’s leaders of the field.

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