Education at the Laboratory of Biochemistry

Education at the Laboratory of Biochemistry

The Laboratory of Biochemistry is involved in teaching several BSc and MSc courses for life sciences students as listed below. These courses cover basic and more advanced concepts and techniques to study the form, function, production and degradation of biomolecules.


Students who are interested to do a thesis or research practise at the laboratory of Biochemistry can have a look at research themes Biochemistry focus on:

Please contact the principle investigators (PIs) in one of the research areas you are interested in.

prof.dr. D (Dolf) Weijers Plant development
dr. EE (Elwira) Smakowska-Luzan Redox cell surface signalling CPM (Carlo) van Mierlo Protein folding and stability
dr. DC (Daan) Swarts Protein structure and function JW (Jan Willem) Borst Biomolecular imaging JHB (Joris) Sprakel Green Mechanobiology


Students interested in an intership with Biochemistry can also principle investigators (PIs) to discuss internship possibilities within a certain research area. In addition, if you already found an interesting internship project yourself, you can ask for supervision of the Laboratory of Biochemistry. In that case you contact the scientist, whose research is closely related to the subject of your internship.  

Many MSc students have in the past years worked on a research project at foreign or Dutch universities, research institutes and companies via the laboratory of Biochemistry. We listed several of these projects as a source of inspiration for you.  


  • Hubrecht Institute (Utrecht, NL), Stem cell and single-cell biology
  • Rijk Zwaan (Fijnaart, NL), Bioinformatic analysis, metabolite profiling and image analysis in plant breeding
  • BioscienZ (Breda, NL), Microbial fermentation
  • The Protein Brewery (Breda, NL), Microbial fermentation
  • University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, NL), Fluorescent protein engineering
  • University of Groningen (Groningen, NL), Fluorescence spectroscopy
  • University of Groningen (Groningen, NL), Parkinson’s disease
  • ErasmusMC (Rotterdam, NL), Super-resolution imaging
  • AMOLF (Amsterdam, NL), FRET biosensors
  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute (Amsterdam, NL), Translation of basic research into tomorrow’s cure of cancer


  • John Innes Centre (Norwich, UK), Plant molecular, cellular and developmental biology
  • RWTH Aachen University (Aachen, DE), Protein engineering
  • MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (Cambridge, UK), Understanding biological processes at the levels of atoms, molecules, cells and organisms.
  • The Francis Crick Institute (London, UK), Understanding how living things work to improve treatment, diagnosis and prevention of human disease.
  • Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, (Dresden, Germany), Cell division and cell differentiation.

Outside of Europe

  • A-Star Institute (Singapore), Mouse stem cell research
  • Weizmann Institute (Rehovot, Israel), Plant metabolomics
  • Virginia Tech (VA, USA), Molecular dynamics simulations
  • National Institutes of Health, (Bethesda, USA) Nuclear Magnetic Resonance and its Application in Chemistry, Biochemistry and Biology.

Course overview:

  • BIC-10306 - Practical Biological Chemistry
  • BIC-10807 - Molecular Life Sciences
  • BIC-20306 - Cell Physiology and Genetics
  • BIC-20806 - Enzymology
  • BIC-30803 - Advanced Methods in Biochemical Research
  • BIC-31312 - Systems@Work: A Toolbox of Systems Biology

The Laboratory of Biochemistry also contributes to the following courses:

  • CBI-10806 - Introduction to Cell Biology
  • CBI-10306 - Cell Biology
  • MIB-10306 - Microbiology & Biochemistry
  • PPH-10306 - Biology of Plants
  • CLB-10803 - Reproduction of Plants
  • SSB-20306 - Bioinformation Technology
  • MOB-30306 - Control of Cellular Processes and Cell Differentiation
  • SSB-30306 - Molecular Systems Biology
  • CLB-30306 - Advanced Cellular Imaging Techniques
  • PCC-32806 - Molecular Modelling with Applications in Biological Systems
  • ORC-50803 - Chemical Biology
  • BPE-60312 - Bioprocess Design
  • YWU-60312 - Research Master Cluster