Microbiology education

Education of the Laboratory of Microbiology

The Laboratory of Microbiology is involved in teaching several courses. Additionally you can do an internship, research practice or thesis at our department

The Laboratory of Microbiology offers education by teaching courses at the bachelor and master level of different study programmes. These courses (listed below) include a basic course, covering the classical aspects of microbiology and several more advanced courses covering different disciplines, like microbial evolution, microbial physiology, bacterial genetics and molecular ecology. The Laboratory is also involved in courses organised by other chair groups (not listed here) and participates in several MOOCs.

Additionally, the Laboratory of Microbiology offers a variety of BSc- and MSc-thesis projects, MSc Research practices, and facilitates and supervises internships.


Students that want to do a bachelor or master thesis or a research practice at Microbiology, can choose from an extensive list of projects that are offered by the four research groups. Have a look at the available thesis projects or explore the individual research groups further:

If you interested in one of the projects, please contact the indicated scientist or the responsible research group leader. 


Students who want to do an internship can contact our Internship Coordinator:

dr. EG (Erwin) Zoetendal MIB Internship Coordinator

Another possibility is to find an internship project yourself and arrange approval by the Microbiology chair group. In that case you contact the scientist, whose research is closely related to the subject of your internship. When in doubt, please contact our internship coordinator, or your study advisor.



Together with the Laboratory of Systems and Synthetic Biology, the Lab organises and hosts the iGEM competition.

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Bachelor courses

Master courses

Spreekbeurt of Profielwerkstuk

Ben je een leerling die een spreekbeurt of een profielwerkstuk (PWS) wil doen op het gebied van microbiologie? Dat is een heel goed idee! Meer informatie hierover vind je op de websites www.allesovermicroben.nl en op www.microbiologie.info. Deze websites zijn niet van Wageningen UR.