Education at Environmental Technology

Environmental Technology offers an education and research programme that is focused on sustainable technological solutions for the worldwide environmental problems. Our approach is to combine several disciplines in order to achieve innovations for environmental solutions.

Relevant research disciplines are biotechnology, microbiology, surface chemistry, organic chemistry, chemical technology, physical technology, etc. We also consider the social impact of our work to be very relevant and therefore we co-operate with other University groups, such as Environmental Policy, Environmental Economy and Management Studies.

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Students that want to do a bachelor or master thesis or a research practice at Environmental Technology, can choose from an extensive list of projects that are offered. To find a topic of interest you can:

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Internship positions can be found at the ETE Internships Brightspace site (only available for WUR students and employees). There you can discover and self-enroll at MSc Internships Environmental Technology. This is strongly advised for all students. All information about internships is provided through Brightspace.

Alternatively, you can find an internship project yourself and arrange approval by Environmental Technology. Contact Katarzyna Kujawa:

Bachelor of Science (BSc) programme

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Master of Science (MSc) programmes

In all these Master programmes, Environmental Technology offers the possibility to major.

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