Food Chemistry

Education of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry

We care about education. So, the Laboratory of Food Chemistry is constantly involved in adapting our education to the changing needs of our students and to the possibilities that (new) media gives us.

Our educational principles

  • We feel it is our responsibility that our students become independent and critical academics.
  • Developing research skills already starts in our Bachelor course: students have to design their own experiments by choosing from the available methods and plan the experiments themselves.
  • Research skills are deepened in the Master courses: students come up with their own research questions, their own methods, design and plan their own experiments and write a report in the form of a scientific article.
  • In our courses we create a learning environment in which students feel safe and are taken seriously.

  • We believe in feedback: we will give feedback on all student reports.
  • We believe in active learning, so we try to provide activating learning activities in all our courses.
  • Information technology provides many opportunities to provide effective and efficient learning activities, so we are constantly involved in developing interesting e-learning tools for our students.
  • During our laboratory classes we make use of the program ExperD, developed at our Laboratory, in which students design their experiments.