Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management

We aim to generate novel insights that can help preserving and restoring marine and freshwater ecosystem services. We take a systems approach linking physical, chemical and biological processes across scales.

Central issues:

  • the aquatic ecosystem
  • the ecological function of marine and freshwater systems
  • the physical-chemical quality of surface waters and sediments
  • the impact of water quality on human use of surface water, including diversity
  • modelling of ecosystem relations and the fate and effects of substances


The research is multidisciplinary (environmental engineering, environmental chemistry and aquatic ecology) and ranges from the laboratory scale (detailed process studies) to the scale of actual ecosystems (field studies). The multidisciplinary expertise of the team comes together in the development of integrated models for ecosystem and water quality management.

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The Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality Management group provides a major learning routes, which prepares the student for the MSc thesis Aquatic Ecology and Water Quality.

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