Internship with the Cultural Geography Group

An internship is an essential part of every master programme at Wageningen University & Research. During the internship, you put your acquired knowledge and skills into practice while gaining relevant work experience at an academic level.

An internship supervised by GEO allows you to participate in an organisation that is professionally situated in the domain of tourism and leisure and/or works on issues relevant to cultural geography. The aim of the internship is to apply knowledge and perform skills in a potential future work field.

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In general, it is the student's responsibility to find an appropriate internship placement independently. While searching for an internship, you may turn to your study advisor and GEO’s internship coordinator for tips regarding internship application. GEO lecturers and alumni (see the link to the MTO Alumni group on LinkedIn on the right side of the page) also provide invaluable sources of ideas for internship opportunities or contacts that might lead to a placement.

When you have a placement in mind, contact GEO's internship coordinator to find a GEO supervisor with expertise in the field relevant to your internship assignment(s). Before starting your internship, an important step is to make the internship contract, which should be signed by you, your supervisor at the internship organisation, your GEO supervisor and the GEO internship coordinator. In Osiris Case, you should also fill out the learning agreement following the guidance of your GEO supervisor, at the latest within a couple of week upon the start of your internship.

For more detailed information on doing an internship, have a look at the GEO MSc Internship Course Guide (see the right side of this page to download the file).