About the Earth Systems and Global Change Group

The Earth Systems and Global Change Group is a solution-oriented multidisciplinary research group focusing on sustainability and global change.

Global change

We live in the Anthropocene – an era defined by profound human influence on Earth's systems: land, water, climate, and nature. This interaction, termed Global Change, drives environmental and societal shifts worldwide, impacting all life on our planet. There is a need to dissect and comprehend the intricate dynamics and interplay between the five Earth systems – land, climate, water, nature, and society – across local, regional and global scales.

Our approach

At Earth Systems and Global Change, our research and teaching revolves around comprehensive integration. We generate knowledge across these systems, employing innovative systems analysis tools and quantitative and qualitative approaches for data collection, modelling, and integrated assessment. Our approach spans diverse stakeholders, embracing inter- and transdisciplinarity to enact real change.

Through our work, we contribute to a better understanding of the challenges posed by Global Change but also to pioneer actionable solutions, empowering communities and policymakers to create a resilient and sustainable future for all.

Group structure

The Earth Systems and Global Change group is divided in seven different subgroups. Each focusses on a specific topic related to (Sustainable) Earth Systems and Global change. The subgroups are led by two chairs in Environmental Systems Analysis (ESA) and Water Systems and Global Change (WSG), each with distinct teaching programmes.