Education Water Systems and Global Change (WSG)

The Earth Systems and Global Change Group offers a divers educational programme in the fields of ‘Water Systems and Global Change’ and ‘Environmental Systems Analysis’. On this page you will find the educational programme in the field of Water Systems and Global Change. Besides the BSc and MSc courses, it is also possible to do your thesis or internship under supervision of a staff member of our group.

Solution-oriented science for sustainable water system management – that is our approach. We analyse and assess the impacts of climate change and population growth on water systems and propose and test adaptation strategies. We use simulation models, earth system observations, scenario analysis and field studies and we invite students from different backgrounds, skills and interests to take part in our courses and research.

We enjoy offering several courses as part of the Bachelor programmes Marine Science and Environmental Science, and the Master's programmes International Land and Water Management, Environmental Sciences, Urban Environmental Management and Climate Studies. 

For more information on writing your thesis or doing an internship in our group, please navigate further to the MSc Thesis & Internship page.

Our courses

  • WSG 10306 Global Water Systems and Climate Change

  • WSG 20306 Climate Change Studies Topics and Approaches

  • WSG 21306 Global Marine Compounds, Flows and Cycles

  • WSG 33806 Integrated Water Management

  • WSG 34806 Climate Change Adaptation in Water Management

  • WSG 35306 Modelling Future Water Stress

  • WSG 35806 Climate Smart Agriculture

  • WSG 36306 Assessment of Marine Nature Based Solutions

  • WSG 51306 Adaptation and Mitigation Services for Society

  • WSG 52306 Disaster Risk Management and Nature Based Solutions

  • WSG 60812 Design of Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies