Internship - Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

GRS704XX Internship: An internship is a compulsary part of the master programme in Geo-Information Science (MGI) of Wageningen University.

The main objective of an internship is to select a personal GI professional field of interest within the large working Geo-Information domain and gain “real” working and/or research experience on an academic level. The MGI internship (GRS704XX) stands for a minimum of 24 ECTS, which corresponds with a period of 4 months. However, a varying internship period of up to 36 ECTS is possible in consultation with the study adviser. The evaluation of the internship is based on the professional skills of the candidate (45%), the internship report (45%) and a self-reflection report (10%). The guidelines of evaluation are in accordance with the rubric of assessment developed at this university.

Aim of the Internship
The MGI internship (GRS704XX) stands for a period of work, study and reflection outside the academic walls of the University. The aim is first, to explore the nature and range of your personal work choice as an up and coming GI academic professional and/or researcher. This period offers, the student to experience a working environment the university can hardly provide. However, educational aims must be met. General aims are:

  • applying your acquired knowledge and skills in a working situation;
  • gaining insight into possible future working environments;
  • being introduced to potential employers;
  • gaining insight into the working networks in which graduated GI and Remote Sensing academics and professionals operate.

It is compulsory the student formulates at least three personal learning goals before starting the internship. These personal learning goals must be discussed and approved by the GRS internship supervisor.

Length of the internship period

The MGI internship stands for a minimum of 24 ECTS. This corresponds with a period of 4 months. However, a varying internship period of up to 39 ECTS (±6 months) is possible. The choice of internship length is left entirely up to the student in consultation with the study adviser.

Place of internship

The internship takes place at any organization active in the field of Geo-Information Science and Remote Sensing in its broadest sense. Therefore, any company, institute or organization that is involved in any aspect of GIS or Remote Sensing is a potential place of internship. The range of suitable places is therefore very big (WUR-MGI users only). The only main restriction is the internship must fulfill an academic standard in correspondence with your study. This means at least 60% of the internship must be spent on a personal project-/research topic at MSc level. This topic must be approved by the GRS internship supervisor before the internship can start. Subsequently, the internship supervisor of the hosting organisation must have an academic title to guarantee the competencies and expertise the internship requires.

Foreign students wishing an internship in the Netherlands must take into account that a strict application protocol must be followed. This has to do with acquiring a temporary working permit for the internship period. Following this protocol from beginning to end takes at least 3 weeks. Therefore, it is wise to contact the internship coordinator well in advance. In case the internship will be spent abroad, a longer preparation period must be taken into account.

How to find an internship address?

MGI students are expected to actively involve themselves in finding an internship. To assist you herein, you can use the experience of fellow students or looking through professional magazines and on the internet to find names of organizations and individuals.

Further information and contact

To find internship possibilities, -providers, -regulations, -documents etc. please consult the Internship Brightspace site (WUR-MGI users only).

The current internship coordinators are Erika Speelman and Johannes Reiche and should be contacted via the MGI internship email: