Thesis - Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing

The thesis is a compulsory part of every Master study programme of Wageningen University & Research. A major thesis is between 24 and 39 Ects and is at least 36 Ects for the master programme Geo-information Science (MGI).

Geo-information science thesis topics are narrowly related to the research programme of the Laboratory of Geo-informationt Science and Remote Sensing (GIRS). This research program covers a wide range of subjects. The following main themes have been selected to delineate the laboratory's identity:

  1. Sensing & measuring
  2. Modelling & visualization
  3. Integrated land monitoring
  4. Human - space interaction
  5. Empowering & engaging communities

The thesis research is conducted under supervision of a staff member of the GIRS group, but might also take place in another institute or company.

  • Students have to follow the GRS thesis procedure. Complete guidelines for doing a thesis Geo-information Science are available via Brightspace.
  • Required documents and forms are available via Brightspace. Contact us for access to this Brightspace page.
  • For the planning of the thesis research an overview with dates for the midterm presentations and colloquia are scheduled.
  • Thesis topics can be selected from the GRS thesis topic list or under conditions be proposed by individual students.
  • Past thesis projects can be consulted.

Compulsory course in

  • Master Geo-Information Science (MGI)

Restricted Optional in

  • Master Biosystems Engineering (MBE)
  • Master Urban Environmental Management (MUE)