LAR BSc Thesis in general

The Bachelor thesis is the completion of the BLP program Landscape Architecture. The thesis effectively involves research-based design dealing with a societal problem. The assignment, to be offered by the staff, meets the required complexity for BSc level and enables students to demonstrate BSc level competences with regard to their academic knowledge and skills. The assignment is chosen so students can independently conduct the necessary research and design and bring it to a satisfactory conclusion. After successful completion of the BSc thesis, students have proven that they are qualified for the MSc Program.

Students are expected to design on different scale levels. Disciplinary interaction and collaboration will be part of the BSc thesis, but the students will be assessed on their individual competences. Each time, two BSc thesis topics will be offered by the LAR chair group. Commonly, thesis subjects are related to the research that is going on at the chair group of landscape architecture. Students may indicate their preference between the alternative topics. Yet, we cannot guarantee that all preferences can be accommodated. Detailed information on the selection process and the final decision will be provided by the coordinator during the first introduction meeting.

BSc thesis candidates can start their thesis two times per year; in the 1st period (September) and in the 6th period (mid May). Each traject lasts about 10 weeks and is concluded with a final presentation and the submission of the thesis report and posters.