Internship LAR + LUP

As from the Academic year 2022-2023 the LAR Internship will be replaced by the course Master Project Landscape Architecture!

Internship is a required part of the masters in landscape architecture and planning (for LAR untill Sept.2022) . The academic internship is a period of work, study and reflection in a real-world working environment. The aim of the academic internship is to let you experience the potential professional environment in which you could work after graduating from your degree programme. The internship provides an opportunity to work outside Wageningen University at a host organisation (e.g. a consultancy firm, a public institution, a research organisation, another university, or a non-governmental organisation) for a period between four months (minimum) and six and a half months (maximum). The tasks you complete have to be of a sufficiently high standard to reflect the desired level of recent Wageningen graduates.

For more information about the internship, download the course guide via the link on the right side of this page. Contact the WU-LSP-internship coordinator Gerrit Kleinrensink or for LAR Seth Wilberding for a kick-off meeting in time.