Research of the Meteorology and Air Quality Group

The Meteorology and Air Quality department (MAQ) aims to contribute to the further understanding of atmospheric processes and their relevance for weather, air quality and climate. The natural focus of MAQ research is on atmospheric boundary layers over land and on the atmospheric aspects of the connected energy, water, carbon and aerosol budgets.

Particular emphasis is given on the interaction of the atmosphere with the (vegetated) land surface. This includes the measuring and modeling of the relevant atmospheric and related land-surface processes on the local and regional scale.

As such our PhD and MSc students work on a variety of topics and horizontal scales.

Click the following links for specific information on our activities:

  1. Atmosphere-land Interaction
  2. Atmospheric Boundary Layer Dynamics and Chemistry
  3. Air Quality and Aerosol budget
  4. Carbon dioxide and Green house gases
  5. GEWEX Atmospheric Boundary Layer Study (GABLS)
  6. Weather and Climate Studies
  7. Urban Climate