BSc Internship (for BBN)

Profile of the BSc Internship Forest and Nature Conservation
The BSc internship consists of a supervised placement in a Forest and Nature Conservation company or organisation in- or outside the Netherlands, that enables students to gain practical experience outside the Wageningen University. The internship consists of a defined individual project(s) on BSc level.

Contact persons, supervision & examination
During the orientation phase of the BSc internship of Forest and Nature Conservation, one of the study advisors ( or functions as the first contact person for the student. When the student has a clear idea of his/her internship goal, he or she can start searching and applying for an internship at external organisations, company’s, non-governmental organisations etc.. After finding an internship and an external internship supervisor the student can contact the Internship Coordinator of PEN (Thijs Fijen) to ask who can be the Wageningen University mentor.

Study load
A student may perform an internship of 2 or 3 months with a study load of respectively 12 or 18 ECTS.