Courses of the Biosystematics Group

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    BIS-10306 Biodiversity of the Netherands. Contactperson dr. Casper Quist

    BIS-21306 Webs of Terrestrial Diversity (fieldexcursion to the Pyrenees. Contactperson dr. Nina Fatouros

    GEN-11036 Evolution and Systematics (in cooperation with Laboratory of Genetics). Contact person: Dr. R. van Velzen

    NEM-10306 Introduction Plant Sciences, in coöperation with Laboratory of Nematology. Contact person: Quist.

    PBR-21306 Biosystematics, Evolution and Agrobiodiversity, in coöperation with Laboratory of Plant Breeding.

    Contact person: Prof. Dr. M.E. Schranz

    BIS-50806, Ethnobotany. Contact person: Prof. Dr. T. van Andel.


    BIS-30306. Comparative Biology and Systematics. Contact person: F.T. Bakker

    Thesis projects

    Thesis projects around the four themes are formulated and can be found in the BSC-MSC Thesis and Internship projects database.